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Merry and Alice talk Cockle-Bread

The other day, Merry and I were chatting and she sent me a link cause we like to share philosophical ideas and shit.  And this link was from  And we were INSPIRED.  Check it out right here.  In case … Continue reading

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Underwear? Under There!

There’s been a lot covered on the Wonder Twins, but what about butts?  That is, how many ads have there been on stuff covering your naughty bits?  Well, okay, there was this: Okay, and this . . . But I … Continue reading

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Mary Alice Returns

I am so sorry I’ve been away so long, but my life has just been so busy!  First there was my stay at Shady Pines . . . spa.  I feel much better now.  And I’ve learned lots of new … Continue reading

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Alice and Merbear Have Some Hunka Hunka Flamin’ Pie

Alice: Flaming peach pie! Merbear: Holy fuck, its on fire.  Hot peaches. Alice: So showy and tempting . . . Merbear: Dude, its a flaming pie.  Proceed with caution Alice: Honey the pie is on fucking fire! Merbear:  Who wants … Continue reading

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Mary Alice Meets Her Prince

I first met my Bob at a party at Marlene’s house.  I was a junior in high school and had never had a boyfriend, never been kissed.  Marlene had had plenty of boyfriends, in fact, she had made her way … Continue reading

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Mary Alice and Her Hoover

My Bob is the most generous man.  He only buys the best for me.  Last Christmas, for instance, he got me a Hoover, not some old crummy vacuum like Marlene has.  No, a Hoover is what every woman aspires to … Continue reading

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Mary Alice’s How to Have the Perfect Home and Family

Today Mary Alice is taking us on a tour of her home and introducing us to her family.  We also switched her coffee when she wasn’t looking with Folger’s.  We’ll see what happens. Hello, I’m Mrs. Mary Alice Johnson, wife … Continue reading

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